Weptos A/S stems from Tommy Larsen A/S, a Danish company that since its establishment in 1991 has gained vast experience in design and product development. The business has been pioneering in several fields and holds a number of international patents.

The company name is an acronym of the full name Wave Energy Power Take Off System and WEPTOS is an internationally registered trademark.

Weptos A/S is exclusively dedicated to the development of the WEPTOS wave energy extraction concept, achieving ground breaking results since 2007. The innovative solutions are created by the company CEO Tommy Larsen, a trained engineer with an extensive resume within project management and advanced product development. This experience, along with a strong connection to the maritime environment and years of nautical miles in the logbook has proven to be a solid foundation for the development of the WEPTOS technology.

Today, Weptos is working towards a ready for production version of a 1MW wave energy converter seeking co-operation with and investments from industrial and financial partners.

Through close cooperation with the Wave Energy Research Group at Aalborg University (AAU) and Zacco Denmark A/S, the WEPTOS technology is subject to thorough testing and evaluation.

During its development and testing the Weptos wave energy converter has demonstrated that it possesses the requirements to become the leader in the sector and render wave energy competitive: low levelized cost of energy (LCoE), smooth energy production and scalability are only few of the attractive features of the concept.