Strong relationships with all our partners

Since the very start, Weptos has been collaborating with Aalborg University (AAU) in the development and validation of the technology. The WEPTOS project is based on several international patents, achieved in close cooperation with Zacco Denmark A/S. has been providing project funding.

Aalborg University

The Wave Energy Research Group at Aalborg University carries out research and development within the field of utilization of wave energy and focuses on a number of subjects, such as:

  • Hydraulic model testing in the Groups laboratories of wave energy devices, or subsystems hereof.
  • Numerical simulations of wave climate and wave energy devices and subsystems and Field testing of wave energy devices in actual sea conditions.
  • The Group also participates in collaborations with other universities, institutions and companies within the field, including exchange of students and researchers, deliver university and college level courses within the field and offers general consultancy within the field.

A major current activity within the Wave Energy Research Group is the international strategic alliance on Structural Design of Wave Energy Devices coordinated by the Research Group.

Wave Energy Research Group AAU


Zacco is Europe’s largest intellectual property consultancy with approx. 550 employees, many of whom are European Patent, Trademark and/or Design Attorneys. For over 140 years the consultancy have helped organizations assess, define, protect and exploit their intellectual property.

Zacco covers all technical and legal areas within intellectual property and assists clients with technical, legal and strategic advice, including handling of conflicts and litigation. In addition to assistance in protecting intellectual property rights, Zacco also offers its clients strategic advice aimed at increasing their competitive edge through a professional exploitation of these rights.

Zacco is the entity responsible for the electricity and natural gas systems in Denmark. As such the institution owns the overall energy infrastructure, ensure reliable energy supply and create the framework for well-functioning energy markets and effective integration of renewable energy. is an extremely important facilitator for the increased use of renewable energy and help to solve the global energy and climate challenges.