Proof of Concept

Wave energy is only an option if both the economic and environmental aspects are solved properly. It requires the technology to perform competitively.

Weptos is an adaptable V-shaped floating Wave Energy Converter using multiple wave activated bodies to harvest wave energy and converting it to useful electrical power through a purely mechanical power take-off system. Its unique design has been developed through thorough stepwise advancement and has led to a system highly efficient in terms of power capture and limiting structural loads in extreme conditions – both crucial parameters for achieving a cost competitive wave energy solution.

Overall power performance

Overall power performance is a strength of the Weptos concept. The modification of Salters Duck's effective shape was a breakthrough as we achieved the same high efficiency with a significantly lighter construction. Combined with a new simple method for converting the energy mechanically, Weptos performed a test in Santander, Spain in 2011 in corporation with Aalborg University.  

An overall power performance up to +60% was reached proving that the technology deployed in real sea could be economically reasonable.

Complete full-scale design

The complete design of a Weptos WEC (Wave Energy Converter) including mooring was build and tested at Flowave Edinburg in Scotland 2014.

An increase in energy yield/efficiency (revenue increase) were achieved due to important reductions of the overall material usage (capex reduction).

Real sea testing

Eight different physical models of the machine have been implemented and tested at different stages, starting from a proof of concept all the way through to the validation of the machine in a real sea environment.

Weptos Offshore#1 was built with a brand-new PTO drivetrain and standard generator solutions from wind turbines and tested in real sea in 2017.

Commissioning and performance were successfully documented and outperformed results from laboratory tests.