The overall timeline focuses on the commercialization of the WEPTOS technology, which is estimated to be reached by the end of 2020. Reaching commercial status entails the completion of three development phases, which jointly make the WEPTOS technology a competitive alternative in the field of sustainable energy supply.


Phase I (Completed December 2015) Proof of concept was completed at the end of 2015 through extensive investigation and development. In September 2011 a major test was launched in of one of the largest wave laboratories in Europe in order to gain the best knowledge on performance, structural endurance and mooring forces. The size of the model made it possible to implement the functions of a full‐scale WEPTOS production plant and enabled for precise performance evaluation of the new, patented functions. The high-quality results initiated a detailed design and engineering process where all technical issues were optimized with focus on scalability.

Phase II (2016‐2017) was the construction and test of a full‐scale wave energy converter WEPTOS OFFSHORE#1 for open water installation. The installation was followed by a test period assigned to performance evaluation. The highlights included collection of data from WEPTOS solutions in anchoring, connectivity, safety equipment, storm protection, inspection/maintenance and not least the performance of WEPTOS power take off. Weptos Offshore#1 was operated as an autonomous system, just like a conventional power plant, and produced power directly to a grid connection.

Phase III (2018-2020) involves expansion of the organization and preparing the business for commercial operation. Operating results and experiences from Weptos Offshore # 1 are translated into a precisely defined version of 1 MW, which is designed, built and tested. The upscale process is aimed at building the next 4 MW version, which is being built to become the first commercial WEPTOS model.