LCoE report

In this AAU report, the Weptos technology is commended as competitive to offshore wind energy. The report is available upon request at:

Renew 2014

The extensive research and development behind the Weptos technology is presented in a paper on the ”1st International Conference on Renewable Energies Offshore 24 – 26 November 2014, Lisbon, Portugal”. The paper is available under Press/Publications.

External benchmark analysis

The Weptos technology’s comes out on top with the highest technical-economical score out of the eight wave power technologies evaluated in AAU’s “Benchmark Study”.

Weptos is granted ForskVE support approves Weptos’ application for support and grants PSO funding of DKK 7.5m to the ”Weptos Offshore #1” project. The project’s purpose is to carry out tests on the Weptos WEC in real, incontrollable ocean conditions for the first time.

Test in Scotland

The Weptos technology is tested in 3D waves, ocean currents and extreme wave conditions in the new FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Visit by the French Embassy

The French embassy visits Weptos’ research and development centre with a delegation of ten French companies.

Visit by the Belgian embassy

The Belgian embassy visits Weptos’ research and development centre with a delegation of six Belgian companies.

Testing of new PTO system

Testing and analysis of new PTO (Power Take Off) system for further optimization of Weptos’ performance, as well as testing and studying of maximum wave loading at DanWec, Hanstholm. The purpose is to establish the design criteria for the full-scale Weptos facility.