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Testing in Spain

In September 2011, extensive testing of the WEPTOS technology has been made in the new facilities at the CCOB, IH Cantabria. The purpose was to study the technology’s efficiency in a wide spectrum of wave conditions as well as to evaluate the endurance of the anchor solution and the structure itself. The results pave the foundation for designs and give estimates on WEPTOS WEC’s performance in different scales on selected offshore locations of interest.

For this test, the WEPTOS WEC was constructed and given the same functions as a full‐scale model, along with measurement equipment that would ensure precise and effective data collection. During the monthlong testing period, more than 200 tests were carried out under the supervision of Jens Peter Kofoed, Tanguy Marchalot and Arthur Pecher from the Wave Energy Research Group at Aalborg University (AAU).

With great success, the test has documented the superiority of the WEPTOS technology and proven that the effects of extreme conditions during stormy weather are completely approachable with its innovative design. The possibility of adjusting the angle brings upon entirely new opportunities for optimal wave energy extraction.