Testing in Denmark

Since 2007 when the original ideas behind the WEPTOS technology were laid out, numerous tests with prototypes have been made. The common factor in all tests has been the high ambitions on data input precision and maximum quality. The tests have been carried out in collaboration with Jens Peter Kofoed and the Wave Energy Research Group at Aalborg University (AAU), which has ensured a highly professional and scientific level during the process.

The design and the development of the rotor and the PTO‐system (power take‐off) are the results of a long series of tests in the AAU wave laboratory. Special attention has been paid to efficiency and the very simple solution of a rigid gravity centre, which has led to energy conversion efficiency levels of 40%‐80% in simulations of normal wave environment.

During March and April 2008 we performed our first laboratory test involving a lining set‐up of multiple rotors, and the results showed us that the energy conversion efficiency levels were virtually static regardless of the wave direction. The last tests at AAU took place during March and April 2011, in preparation for the extensive testing of the WEPTOS WEC scheduled with CCOB in Santander, Spain. The measurement equipment was calibrated in a sample collection at AAU in August 2011.