June 6, 2023


1.    What is a wave energy converter (WEC)?

Wave Energy Converter (WEC) is the essential system for harvesting wave energy and turning it into electricity. 

A standard WEC system consists of: 

  •  The hydrodynamic subsystem: the primary wave absorption system that exploits wave power.  
  •  The power take-off subsystem converts the captured wave energy into electricity.
  •  The reaction subsystem maintains the WEC in position relative to the seabed. 
  • The control subsystem: the intelligent part of the system as it controls the WEC and its operation.

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2.    What are the advantages of using wave energy converters?

Using renewable energy sources can help us overcome environmental challenges, depletion of fossil fuels, and creating more jobs. 

Today's energy consumption level is mainly based on fossil fuels, and this can only continue if alternative sources enter the game. Renewable energy sources are the answer, as the resources will be available as long as the sun is shining. 


3.    Is Weptos' Wave Energy converter environmentally friendly?

Weptos Wave Energy Converter is developed out of 99% recyclable & sustainable materials. Weptos ensures that all our WEC systems can be reused after their life span. 


4.    Is Weptos wave energy converter economically viable?

Weptos aims to be the world's most affordable wave energy converter. Weptos WEC is based on modular construction in a simple design, this way, the production process is fast and affordable. 


5.     How does wave energy compare to renewable energy sources like wind and solar?

Wave energy has a relatively high energy density compared to wind and solar solutions, meaning waves contain a substantial amount of energy because of the consistent wave patterns. 

Wind energy has a moderate energy density, while solar energy has a lower energy density since sunlight is more dispersed.

All three sources can play a role in adiversified and sustainable energy mix, each suitable for different contextsand conditions.


6.     Can Weptos WEC be used in different ocean conditions and locations?

Weptos WEC is fully scalable solution with multiple MWh converters. In the initial process of installation, the Weptos crew will research the wave data of that specific location. Weptos will produce a wave energy converter most efficient for particular ocean conditions and locations. 


7.     What are the potential impacts of wave energy converters on marine life?

Weptos WEC will primarily harvest the waves from the surface with almost no constructions deeper in the water column. In this way, the interference of Weptos with marine life will be very limited. Also, let us not forget that the beautiful creators below the surface are highly intelligent.