World's best-performing wave energy converter with over 60% conversion efficiency and LCoE below 30€ / MWh

Weptos’ scalable wave energy converter backed by investors!

We have embarked on an incredible, groundbreaking journey and can't do it alone!

Forward-thinking and ambitious investors have entered the game because they were drawn to our cutting-edge approach to wave energy and innovative technology!

Together we can change the future of renewable energy - and this is just the beginning.

Launching into

Seaside expansion

We are a team of highly dedicated individuals located at the beautiful harbor in Fredericia!

Our inspiring HQ contributes to securing the first commercialized solution to renewable wave energy.

We have gathered an unstoppable team of leading scientists, project managers and marketers, and we are fully dedicated to working with nature to reach our goal - to create the world's most affordable and scalable wave energy converter!

We trust in the power of research and innovation!

Wave of the future
- stay tuned!

We have fully documented and reliable results after 15 years of research and testing, and we are continuously improving our wave energy solution to become even more efficient.

Currently, we are working on turning our wave energy solution into the world's most affordable wave energy converter.

In the fourth quarter of 2023, we will have the official results ready for take-off. You don't want to miss it!

The world's most efficient wave energy converter on the path to commercial success with private investment

Press Release: Weptos A/S has entered a commercial phase after 16 years of development, testing, and documentation of its wave energy system.


What is a wave energy converter (WEC)? Wave Energy Converter is the essential system for harvesting wave energy and turning it into electricity. 

What is Wave Energy?

You have probably heard about renewable energy sources like wind and solar power. However, did you know that you can harness energy from the motion of waves? Welcome to the world of wave energy! 

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