60% PEAK EFFICiency
Through numerous tests and data gathering, we can confidently say that Weptos WEC can reach above 60% peak conversion efficiency!
Patented power take-off system (PTO)
Our patented PTO differentiates itself by applying mechanical energy extraction with almost zero energy loss in a two-way rotor movement direction.
easy maintenance
During rough weather conditions, the floating design can be detached and moved to port to ensure safe and easy access to the 'calm area'. The operation can be stopped fully or partially for easy access.
minimal impact
Weptos’ floating design, sustainable materials and low footprint on the seabed ensure minimal impact on marine life.

since 2007

We started in 2007, inspired by Salter's Duck geometry. Since then, we've innovated and significantly reduced the weight. Today, we have the world's most efficient and cost-effective Wave Energy Converter.
Weight reduced in total


Weptos WEC is designed with an adjustable angle, allowing it to adapt and ensure high survivability in rough weather conditions. During harsh weather, the structure fully closes, demonstrating its adaptability and minimizing its impact. Additionally, changing the width of the converter equalizes power production.

After the energy is harnessed from the waves, a ‘calm area’ is formed behind the Weptos WEC, providing easy access for access and maintenance.


Weptos WEC is fully scalable to any wave conditions at any location, providing economic viability, flexibility, and adaptability to different environments.


Our WEC is designed to be modular, easy to handle and transport, with a low ratio of construction materials to energy production.

Made from 99% recyclable materials.

25-years of service life.

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