The world's most efficient wave energy converter on the path to commercial success with private investment

August 25, 2023
Weptos A/S has entered a commercial phase after 16 years of development, testing, and documentation of its wave energy system. The technology has achieved revolutionary results with a conversion efficiency of over 60% and a record-low LCoE (Levelized Cost of Energy) of €30/MWh.

Wave energy is the world's largest untapped energy resource, and numerous wave projects and concepts have been introduced. However, time and again, it has been recognized that combining sea resilience with profitable energy extraction is a challenge. This is what Tommy Larsen set out to change in 2007 when he founded Weptos A/S with a vision to work with nature to meet the growing global energy demand.

For more than 16 years, the Weptos team has worked on developing and testing the world's most efficient wave energy converter, achieving groundbreaking results. With an impressive efficiency rate of 60% and a record-low LCoE of under €30/MWh, Weptos WEC could become a competitive player in the energy market.

With the help of private investment, Weptos is now entering a commercial phase, as confirmed by CEO and founder Tommy Larsen: "It may sound like a big leap, but from an engineering perspective, it isn't. Everything has been tested, and we are ready. We have the knowledge we need to start the commercial phase!"

Same generator – more energy
The Weptos technology is protected by 22 international patents, including the Power Take Off system (PTO), ensuring efficient wave power conversion into energy with minimal energy loss. A Weptos system consists of floating rotors that sync with the waves. Using the PTO, the rotor's movements are converted into smooth rotation, enabling the utilization of existing generator technology, similar to wind turbines.

High international demand
Weptos' wave energy system has garnered significant interest, evident in weekly inquiries from energy companies, potential customers, and business partners. This enthusiasm indicates that many want to be a part of Weptos' innovative future in wave energy. The Weptos team is actively handling specific inquiries from countries such as India, La Réunion, the Philippines, China, Taiwan, and South Africa. These countries are just some places where interest in Weptos' wave energy system has emerged.

A revolutionary wave energy system becomes a reality
This exciting development also leads to growth within the Weptos team, taking place in brand-new surroundings at Port House in Fredericia – an ideal location with a view of the waves. Much of the work revolves around defining the final design of the world's most cost-effective wave energy converter. The team is well on its way to achieving groundbreaking results, expected to be announced in the last quarter of 2023.

Facts about Weptos:
• 22 patents
• LCoE < €30/MWh
• 60% efficiency rate
• Over 99% reuse rate
• The world's most efficient wave energy system
• Scalable and resilient wave energy system

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