Weptos timeline

June 6, 2023

So much has happened since 2007. However, one thing always sustained all the ups and downs - the vision of creating renewable and sustainable energy for the whole planet!

Let's look at our journey divided into four phases.

Phase I (2007 - September 2011)

Proof of concept was completed at the end of 2011 through extensive investigation and development. In September 2011, a significant test was launched in one of the largest wave laboratories in Europe to gain the best knowledge on performance, structural endurance, and mooring forces. 

The model's size made it possible to implement the functions of a full‐scale Weptos production plant and enabled precise performance evaluation of the new, patented processes. 

The high-quality results initiated a detailed design and engineering process where technical issues were optimised, focusing on scalability.

Phase II (2016‐2017)

We constructed and tested a full‐scale wave energy converter, Weptos Offshore#1, for accurate sea testing, followed by a test period for performance evaluation. The highlights included collecting data from Weptos solutions in anchoring, connectivity, safety equipment, storm protection, inspection/maintenance, and the performance of Weptos Power Take-off. Weptos Offshore#1 was operated as an autonomous system, like a conventional power plant, and produced power directly to a grid connection.

Phase III (2018 - 2025)

This phase involves expanding the organisation and preparing the business for commercial operation. Operating results and experiences from Weptos Offshore # 1 are translated into a precisely defined version of 1 MW, designed, built, and tested. The upscale process aims to make the next 4 MW version of Weptos WEC.

Phase IV ( 2022- current)

Welcome to our investor and other partnerships.

We've moved into new, modern headquarters close to the sea in Fredericia and built a team of highly driven individuals to join us on our road to commercialisation.

We are currently working on developing and testing our design for the first commercial wave energy converter design, with final results coming in the fourth quarter of 2023